Preschool Program

Image of the words Play, Learn and Grow Together! with 3 children

The Bethany Integrated Preschool Program offers a fun, safe and exciting learning environment for children with or without special needs. The program is offered in an early childhood setting at The Bethany Community School and features high quality adult/child interactions, highly qualified certified staff, an age appropriate setting and materials. Children with special needs are enrolled based on a Planning and Placement Team recommendation. Children that do not have special needs are accepted into the tuition based program on a limited basis each school year. Parents may contact Kerrie Payne, the Integrated Preschool Teacher, after your child’s third birthday if there are concerns about growth and development. Please contact Mrs. Payne at (203) 393-3350 x162 or if you are interested in the program or have concerns about your child’s growth and development.