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Bethany, CT  06524
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Bethany Community School
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Victoria Andrejecsk

Speech & Language Pathologist
BS, Biology
MS, Communication Disorders
Certification Status: Provisional Educator (061)

Kyle Anglace

Qualification: Praxis ParaPro Assessment

Eileen Babbitz

Qualification: BS, University of Vermont

Megan Banker

School Psychologist
BA, Psychology
MA, School Psychology
Sixth Year, School Psychology
Certification Status: Initial Educator (070)

Fred Bartolini

Facilities Director

Kate Beeman

Grade 5 Teacher
BA, Elementary Education
MA, Curriculum & Instruction
Certification Status: Provisional Educator (013)

Lauren Belair

Grade 3 Teacher

Laura Bell

Grade 2 Teacher
BA, English, Sociology
MAT, Elementary Education
Certification Status: Professional Educator (013)

Sally Bernardo

Lunch Aide

Jaime Bowen

Special Education Teacher
BA, Human Services/Counseling
MA, Special Education
Certification Status: Initial Educator (165)

Christina Brewer

Grade 6 Teacher, Green Team Advisor, GEMS Co-Advisor
BS, Elementary Education
MS, Bilingual, Multicultural Education/TESOL
Certification Status: Provisional Educator (013, 111)

Matthew Bruder

IT Director, Lego League Team Co-Advisor, Bethany News Network Co-Advisor

Caitlin Bruni

School Nurse

James Bruni

Math Coach, Team Leader-Instructional Support, Steering Committee Member, Lego League Team Co-Advisor
BS, Elementary Education
BA, Psychology
MS, Elementary Education
Sixth Year, Educational Coach
Certification Status: Professional Educator (013)

Kai Byrd

Director-Special Services, Curriculum & Instruction

Audrey Campbell

Qualification: 60+ credits, Southern Connecticut State University

Susan Carpenter

BOE Executive Assistant, Title IX Coordinator, Human Resources Coordinator

Leah Chasser

Qualification: AS, Manchester Community College

Patricia Cifarelli

Qualification: Praxis ParaPro Assessment

Luciana Coku-Rakaj

Spanish Teacher
BA, Spanish
Certification Status: Initial Educator (023, 101)

Anthony Dailey

Lunch Aide

Erin Dessureau-O'Hara

Special Education Teacher
BS, General Studies/Psychology
MS, Special Education/Learning Disabilities
Certification Status: Provisional Educator (165)

Andrea Devaney

Special Education Teacher
BA, Psychology
MA, Teaching
Sixth Year, Special Education
Certification Status: Provisional Educator (013, 165)

Francine Du Verger

Qualification: Praxis ParaPro Assessment

Katherine Els

Grade 5 Teacher, Team Leader-Grade 5, Steering Committee Member
BA, English
MS, Education
Certification Status: Professional Educator (005) & Initial Educator (092)