Equity Team


Bethany Community School (BCS) is committed to ensuring that every student who walks through our doors has an equitable educational experience. Part of that work is to develop an Equity Team that is comprised of BCS staff, administrators, community members, and parents. The team meets twice a month to participate in professional development and to use an equity lens to review Bethany policies and procedures as well as the impact on students and families. Recommendations are made to administration to inform decision making.


Equity and Diversity Policy #0523

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy and Regulation #4111.1/4211.1

Non-Discrimination Policy and Regulation #5145.4


2021-2022 Equity Team Members

Thomas Reed-Swale, Chair
Colleen Murray, Superintendent
Kai Byrd, Director of Special Services, Curriculum & Instruction
Jackie Nathman, Climate & Instruction Specialist
EJ Maher, Board of Education
Heather Sniffin, Teacher
Jaime Bowen, Teacher
James Bruni, Teacher
Kim Keller, Teacher
Kerrie Payne, Teacher
Kim Wolcott, Teacher
Marjorie Nusom, School Psychologist

Jennifer Turner, Parent
Joseph Cafasso, Parent
Keith Roselle, Parent
Lauren Sardi, Parent
Milton Jackson, Parent


Equity Team Meetings