Wellness Council


It is the policy of the Bethany Board of Education to promote the health and well-being of District students. In furtherance of this policy, the Board has created a Wellness Council to review any available state or federal guidance on wellness issues and to assist in formulating recommendations for specific goals and guidelines aimed at promoting lifelong wellness practices among district students.

Wellness Policy #6142.101

Wellness Administrative Regulation #6142.101

Triennial Wellness Needs Assessment (June 2021)

2021-2022 Wellness Council Members

Colleen Murray, Chair
Jackie Nathman, Climate & Instruction Specialist
Donna Ricciardi, Food Service Coordinator
Peter Ferrara, Food Service Director
Caitlin Bruni, School Nurse
Marjorie Nusom, School Psychologist
Kate Beeman, Teacher
Andrea Hubbard, Teacher

Marie Bartels, Parent
Jennifer Kapo, Parent
Jennifer Searles, Parent


Wellness Council Meetings