Operational Goals

2019-2020 Operational Goals

These goals reflect the Board's priorities for its own operation. Goals for the District and the Bethany Community School are reflected in the District Goals, the Superintendent's Goals and the Bethany 2020 Long-term Strategic Plan.

Goal #1

The Board will maintain a focus on high standards of learning, social development and emotional support for all of our children, with continual improvement.

  • Monitor student achievement through the examination of multiple sources of data regularly throughout the school year.
  • Engage in regular dialogue with administration about both areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.
  • Continually strive to support a well-rounded education for all students that take into account their individual strengths, interests, and needs.
  • Continually support the social, emotional, and physical needs of our students, both because these are important goals in and of themselves and because social, emotional, and physical health is essential for optimal learning.

Goal #2

The Board will continue and augment efforts in communication and outreach to staff, parents, students, and the broader community.

  • Schedule and conduct Board of Education Open Forums two times a year.
  • Encourage public attendance and participation, including teachers and staff, at Board meetings.
  • Communicate important issues to the school community, through letters and other mechanisms as appropriate, throughout the school year.
  • Ensure the presence of Board members at major school events, to maintain the visibility and availability of Board members.

Goal #3

The Board will seek to enhance its efficacy and efficiency through professional development.

  • Institute a structured orientation for new members to familiarize them with their roles and responsibilities as Board members.
  • Continually seek out opportunities for professional development to enhance understanding and ability to function as effective Board members.

Goal #4

The Board will perform all of its duties with the highest ethical standards.

  • The Board will be cognizant of the importance of confidentiality of both students and staff.